Generations Geek 2.0

Our upcoming episode “Bats and Supes”—looking at Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and comparing the beginnings of the DC Extended Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe—will kick off our fourth series. It will be a series of change. When we started the podcast, Ella was fifteen or so . . . now she’s eighteen, soon to graduate high school, and moving off to college in the fall.


About to enjoy toast with Nutella, marshmallow creme, and bananas at CONvergence 2015.

Although we fully intend to keep doing the podcast, we also know that it will be even more challenging than the third series, which continually ran late due to an increasing freelance workload for myself and the much busier life of a high school senior with a part-time job. But even with my workload, my schedule is much more flexible than a student’s. In order to try to get our monthly schedule back on track, we’ve had to admit that Ella will most likely not be able to do the show full time. So we’ve got an idea.

Some episodes will be the same as always, with both myself and the kid. On other episodes Ella will just have a segment—”All the Squee”—that she can record at her leisure, while I conduct interviews of our guests by myself. And, of course, Ella can give me any questions she might have for the guest beforehand.

And another thing. We started the podcast as a family-friendly show that geeky parents could listen to with their geeky kids. Although we’re both still committed to that concept, obviously a father/daughter-in-college show is a different animal than a father/daughter-in-junior-high show. So we will still be more-or-less family friendly, but if we were a movie the rating might lean more toward PG-13 than G.

So that’s the plan for now. We look forward to continuing our geeky musings and casting them into the winds of the intertubes. And figuring out how to record the next show between now and graduation . . .


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