It’s Con Season!

We’ll be at CONvergence this Fourth of July weekend right here in the Twin Cities! We’re attending as fans, not guests, CONvbut if you listen to the podcast, please wander around the con shouting “Generations Geek” until you find one of us. That wouldn’t be annoying to other attendees AT ALL. Or you could probably find the Kid-Half in the teen room, if you want to save your voice for shouting at other people. We’re looking forward to seeing the friends we’ve made over the last few years we’ve been going to this great con. Plus, there’s free food. We’ll go anywhere for free food.

Then we’ll be at Shore Leave outside of Baltimore the weekend of July 15. Dad-Half is a writer guest, so he’ll be available to sign books all weekend but especially at the big Meet the Pros event on Friday night, where they let all the writers out of their cages and trust them not to fight among themselves while signing. There are a number of cool books making their debut at the con, so be among the first to pick up some great books along with an autograph.

Kid-Half will be at the Supernatural con in Minneapolis the weekend of August 12. And we might both try to get over to the Star Trek 50 Year Mission Tour a few blocks away. Yeah, two big cons on the same weekend . . . thanks for that weird planning, Creation Entertainment.

Just typing that up is kind of overwhelming . . . it’s a busy summer for us geeks. And, oh, yeah, we’ve got to try to get back to recording the podcast . . .



Shameless Self-Promotion

IMG_20160404_190706_568Scott Pearson here, the dad-half of the podcast. As I introduce myself at the beginning of every episode, I’m a science fiction writer. I write other things, too, but most of my publishing credits have been in the sci-fi genre. For example, I’ve had three short stories, a novella, and a novel published in the Star Trek universe. I also contributed three short stories to the ReDeus universe, which would fall under the more specific subgenre of urban fantasy. And I had a story, “Finders Keepers,” in the anthology Space Grunts, edited by Dayton Ward. Space Grunts is now out of print. There it is at right, behind glass at a local Half Price books, marked down to $75 from $100.


I’ve recently started doing some self-publishing of e-books, mostly single short stories. And I’m happy to say one of those Kindle Singles is “Finders Keepers,” which you can download for a mere $1.99. I still need to make my e-books available in other formats, like for the Nook and iBooks, but just getting my first six Kindle Singles out has been time consuming, and I still have two more to finish for my first wave of releases. In my second wave I’d really like to finish “Beneath the Armor,” another story featuring Cpl. M. J. Robeson and her continuing adventures aboard the starship Alliance.

My other genre title available on the Kindle is “The Squid that squid cover mediumCame to Phil’s Basement,” which, unlike our podcast, is not family friendly. The humor in this H. P. Lovecraft pastiche is for the older geeks in the family. This story originally appeared in Space and Time Magazine, and is also just $1.99.

If you visit my website, you can find more info on these titles as well as the rest of my Kindle Singles outside the sci-fi world, such as my two humorous mystery stories, “Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna” and “Of Murder and Minidonuts,” both featuring the wisecracking Kate Sullivan.

These could give you all something to do while waiting for us to record the new episode of the podcast. We promise, it’s coming soon. Soonish. Sooner than later. Soonerish.