Captain America: Civil War

We like to go to opening night shows when we can. Since we had plans for the Thursday evening when Civil War opened, we ended up seeing it at 1:15 in the A crikey M on Friday. Which meant we got home after the show at 4:30 in the morning. A few days later, we’re still catching up on our sleep. [Note: a couple paragraphs down I drop a minor spoiler for people who don’t read the comics, so be forewarned.]

CW_Poster_01Sleepiness aside, we both quite enjoyed the movie. There was good action and story, without too much extraneous MCU stuff crammed in; that was something we both thought had been overdone in Age of Ultron. We both enjoyed the new young Spiderman, the first Spiderman that really does seem like he’s in high school. While Marisa Tomei was likable as Aunt May and they had some fun with a younger May, I was still disappointed by the change. Not because I expect a film adaptation to be chained to the source material, but because there are so few roles created for older actresses in Hollywood movies, so to take an older character and drop a couple decades or more off her age is a missed opportunity.

We both felt that the romance of Cap and Sharon Carter was awkwardly timed. I mean, come on, Peggy’s just died and Steve suddenly finds out the agent he has a crush on is her niece—and at the funeral, no less! That’s a bit of a head-spinner that would rain on anyone’s romantic parade. That said, the reactions of Bucky and Sam to the first kiss are perfect.

So many characters got great little scenes . . . Vision, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and more. There was character development that will affect them going forward into other movies without slowing the pace of this movie. Difficult to pull that off with such a large cast, but the filmmakers did it. Similarly, the battle sequences, particularly the airport scene, packed in so much, and showed all the characters interactions, in ways that were exciting and chaotic and yet without becoming a muddle of CGI like, again, Age of Ultron.

Overall, the movie was just so balanced.The juggling of all those characters, as I just mentioned. Both sides of the disagreement leading to the war had pros and cons, so that was balanced. The amount of comedic moments and action set pieces sprinkled throughout the dramatic framework of the story was also a well-paced balance. It definitely echoes Winter Soldier in that regard, especially compared and contrasted with Age of Ultron, the disparate elements of which did not gel into a cohesive whole like the Captain America films. (Since I’ve taken Ultron to task a few times, I should grant that an MCU film that stumbles a bit is still more entertaining than a lot of genre films!)

Bottom line: the Russo brothers deliver another fine film in the MCU which makes us that much more eager for Infinity War.



What if Bruce Wayne did a Batman Podcast?

IMG_2703The new episode “Superhero League Adventure Squad” is up and available for streaming, download, or weird metahuman senses. Take a listen and learn how our guest, frequent DC comics illustrator Christopher Jones, had childhood dreams of growing up to be a census taker. Wait—no, forget “census taker,” I meant to say “comic book artist.”

In other news, we saw Batman v Superman. I’d tell you all about what we thought of it, but then what would our next podcast be about? You’ll have to wait until we record, edit, and upload “Bats and Supes,” which we hope to accomplish sometime between now and when the zombies break the internet. Zombies are why we can’t have nice things.

In other other news, “Superhero League Adventure Squad” is our thirty-sixth episode, wrapping up our third season. Changes are in store for the podcast moving into our fourth season. When we started this, the daughter-half of the team was fifteen, but now she’s eighteen and making college plans. We’ve always called the show “family friendly,” but I think it’s now “more-or-less family friendly” as we, naturally, have more adult discussions about more adult movies and books. We’ll always hover around a PG-13 rating, and we’ll warn you if we think a show isn’t for the younger geeks in your family. More announcements to come as we make them up.

And to answer the question, I think Bruce Wayne would do an awesome Batman podcast. He could read news stories about Batman and then comment: “Not that I condone violence, but he doesn’t seem like such a bad guy. I mean, I’d rather have him on the streets of Gotham than the Joker, am I right?”

When Superheroes Attack

Last Wednesday afternoon we interviewed comic book artist Chris Jones. Did he reveal his secret origin story? Was he bitten by something radioactive? Did he actually come to Earth in a spaceship? Was he just a kid who loved to draw? To find out, you’ll have to listen to the podcast when it becomes available for streaming, download, or reception via tinfoil hat sometime next week.

We’re putting together some fun ideas for upcoming shows. In “The Incredible Shrinking Man Times Three” we’ll compare the Richard Matheson novel with the classic movie adaptation and the recent comic book version. And we’ll welcome special guest Greg Cox, media tie-in writer extraordinaire and Matheson’s longtime editor at Tor Books.

“Bats and Supes” will look at Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to ponder the birth of the DC  Extended Universe and how it stacks up against the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now let’s all take a moment to think about dinosaurs. Just because dinosaurs are cool.

Superhero League Adventure Squad

I, the dad-half of Generations Geek, literally forgot I’d set up a blog for the podcast years ago when we started. Oops. Now that I’ve remembered, I’m going to try to post something here now and then. So, let’s do some Generations Geek news.

First up, the next episode, “Superhero League Adventure Squad,” is more or less on its way. We’ll be interviewing comic book artist Christopher Jones later this week, and I’ll try to get through my obsessive editing as quickly possible and get the new show uploaded to our cyborg ape overlords at the Chronic Rift Network.

While you’re waiting for that, why not listen to the current episode, “The Cornetto Trilogy”? In this Special Grup Edition—we’re family-friendly, but we don’t always watch family-friendly movies—we discuss Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright. It’s a PG discussion of R-rated movies.

Of course, you can visit our website for handy links to almost all of our episodes (our first four are currently unavailable due to some technical issues). And follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you do that sort of thing.